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“Growing leaders one step at a time”



“Growing leaders one step at a time”  

Being a leader in today’s fast-paced world comes with many challenges, expectations and objectives. Leaders need insight, skills, competencies and in-depth understanding of what the leadership role demands, specifically for their organizations and their career longevity.

We begin your transformation from where you are now. Self Awareness is having a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, challenges, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions. Self Awareness allows you to understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them in the moment. 




“Growing leaders one step at a time”

Objectives and Outcomes

Myers Briggs Trait Indicator | Self -Awareness Session:

  • Understand the pathways to leader development by type
  • Identify leader strengths and blind spots by type
  • Create a plan for enhancing leadership effectiveness through type development
  • Explore sources of potential development and support by type
  • Identify five key values that promote effective leadership and understand the relationship of the psychological type model to these values 
  • Understand how leaders can utilize core cognitive functions of the sixteen MBIT Types and five values 

 Servant Leadership Session:

  • Define servant leadership and the purpose
  • Know the principles of servant leadership
  • Recognize the barriers of servant leadership
  • Learn to be a mentor or coach and the know difference
  • Discover how to build trust and influence people
  • Understand how to inspire others to excellence 
  • How to empower teams to get the work done together
  • Garner insights into how to best help others to grow
  • Understand how to create the foundation of a healthy engaged culture
  • Create a sense of community within an organization and work team
  • Increase morale, employee retention, productivity and job satisfaction
  • Improve the overall employee engagement resulting in higher productivity resulting in higher profits
  • Learn what the 21st Century workforce desires in a leader and organization
  • Practice self-reflection for continued self growth 

Culture Chance Session

  • Defining culture change
  • Why transforming cultures fail 
  • The eight-stage process for success
  • Take away culture change road map (tool) 

The Journey

“Growing leaders one step at a time” 

Step 1: The journey starts with your MBTI assessment results. From there we move into the hands-on experiential, and reflective learning journey aimed at growing into an authentic leader.  The course is based on research, theories, and proven concepts on qualities and principles of great leaders. 


Step 2: We know that behavior and hearts change takes at least 12 weeks to accomplish the change. More time is needed to grow into the new behaviors. During this time practice and feedback is needed to continue your growth. We offer a 3 month initial virtual group coaching program. The group is limited to 6 people. More information will be available at the end of the retreat. 

What is Servant Leadership?

Dr. Frann Kelley, former Professor of Leadership/ Management conducted many studies resulting in links to Servant leadership to building strong teams and collaboration. Servant leadership has a positive impact on job performance leading to workforce engagement, and retention.  This leadership practice includes higher customer satisfaction and bottom line growth. An excellent example of this leadership practice is Southwest Airlines, J.W. Marriott and many more listed below.   

The following successful organizations operate as servant leadership cultures. Research indicates they are both high-performing and profitable. I encourage you to explore these companies. Note: this is a shortlist of many:

After Embarking On the Leadership & Culture Journey, You Will

Lessons Learned

  • Apply hands-on lessons learned from group activities
  • Grasp how emphasizing quality service drives brand recognition & brand loyalty increasing sales and profits
  • Explore how to engage employees to work as high-productive teams

Leadership Characteristics

  • Identify your leadership characteristics strengths and challenges
  • Have the tools to construct your companies values
  • Discover self-awareness through assessments and develop a plan to improve leadership skills

Personal Growth

  • An opportunity to continue personal growth attending virtual small groups coached by Dr. Kelley or a member of the certified coaching team for accountability
  • Understand why hiring for shared core values is more important than hiring for technical fit

Professional Relationships

  • Recognize how to decrease 21st-century workforce turnover
  • Learn how to focus on the success of employees and in turn build better professional relationships that will benefit the employee and the organization

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, the mission of Professional Development Quest is to offer valuable learning experiences that empower leaders to maximize performance and achieve their full potential.

Vision, our vision is to execute well designed and responsive professional development programs and services to an engaged and knowledgeable leadership community.

Values, we aim to be the most reputed professional development leadership training provider.

Who We Serve, Servant Leadership Development live training designed for; current leaders seeking to update skills, potential leaders and upcoming leaders & managers to build a Servant Leadership foundation.

The Servant Leadership approach ” attempts to simultaneously enhance the personal growth of workers and improve the quality and caring of our many institutions through a combination of teamwork and community, personal involvement in decision making, and ethical and caring behavior”. Workers of the 21-Century are seeking all the above in their daily work.  Take care of your people, in turn they will take care of your customers/business. 

Dr. Frann Kelley

My career has followed both my passion/purpose as an educator, consultant and coach.  I have had the privilege to partner with many seeking leadership development.  I provide the tools and feedback to assist you in your continued growth.

Formal education includes a Doctorate in Business/Leadership & Organization Development (University of Sarasota), Masters in Economics and I/O Psychology (Middle Tennessee State University), Bachelors in Psychology with an emphasis in business (Saint Leo University), Certified Professional Coach (ICF Affillate), Myers Briggs Master Practitioner.

My unique background brings business and psychology together as one. A business succeeds through it’s people and it’s people thrive in their work provided by the business. I truly believe that when organizations take care of their people they in turn take care of the organization’s customers thus leading to higher profits.

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Servant Leadership Monthly Virtual Group Coaching

$279/Per Attendee Monthly
  • We know that behavior and hearts change takes at least 12 weeks to accomplish the change. More time is needed to grow into the new behaviors. During this time practice and feedback is needed to continue your growth. We offer a 3 month initial virtual group coaching program. The group is limited to 6 people. More information will be available at the end of the retreat.  Coaching includes one group session and one (1 hour) one-one per month with Dr. Kelley.

Nugget of Wisdom 

Maximizing Employee Potential Starts With Engagement
More than ever, employees want the chance to learn and grow. When leaders focus on development and use engagement as a tool to unleash innovation, creativity, and high performance, they gain a competitive edge in a rapidly changing workplace.
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