Dis-Engaged Workforce

Alarming U.S. Workplace Dis-Engagement 68% (Forbes)
Solution – Change Attitude of the Heart, June 2019
Dr. Frann Kelley, Founder, Professional Development Quest, LLC | drkelley@prodevquest.com
No change will happen until there is an honest self-check, the attitude of the heart. Together both leaders and followers can improve the high dis-engagement reported numbers in their organization. The end resulting in meeting the company goals, valuing the employees and in turn higher profits gained. Customers will keep coming back.
Caution, many experts state that a culture of the organization needs to change. This is true, however, first before a culture can change everyone in the organization must have their heart in the same place. Example of steps to start in changing attitude of the heart are as follows for both leaders and followers.
1. A well communicated purpose/mission/strategy of the company. Share these statements with everyone. This may need to change for growth of the organization. Many organizations have the document (s) in a book/file on a dusty shelf. This is the start of the road map for success for all.
2. Share with everyone where the company is now and where it needs to be by each quarter. Example, sales are flat at %, improve 10% by next quarter.
3. Question everyone if they have the tools and training, they need to perform their job. This takes active listening for everyone. Procedures and methods may need to change. Value and think about each suggestion. You may be surprised.
4. Involve someone from each level of the organization to develop an action plan to meet the goals. Communications about upcoming changes are to be transparent for all to know. This changes discussions among both leaders and followers.
5. Employees today want to be valued. Having skin in the game with open communication gains trust and buy in to move the company in the same direction. The change attitude of heart is the key to move forward.
6. Visit www.prodevquest.com to drop me an email with questions or comments about change of the heart attitude. There is a pop box to sign up to receive our monthly blog about current servant leadership and our 21-st century workforce. July the discussion will focus on leaders and how to experience change of the heart attitude. August the discussion will focus on followers and how to experience change of the heart attitude. With Gratitude, Dr. Frann Kelley

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